Clarity Spas.

With Clarity comes serenity — that gentle, overall sensation of comfort and security. The calm that gives you strength. Here, you can nestle into the luxury of Clarity’s ergonomic seats and surrender to the fully adjustable massage jets. Enjoy the soothing relief of the StressRelief™ Neck and Shoulder Seat* and the strategic placement of up to 55 therapeutic jets* designed to target key pressure points, improve circulation and restore your natural sense of wellness. A Clarity Spa gives you the luxury of a high-end day

spa with even more privacy and peace of mind. Clarity will entice your senses and fulfill your expectations. Most Clarity Spas feature dual, high-performance pumps providing amazing therapy treatment... adjustable LED lighting creates a soothing cascade of color options... and the optional, Fusion Sound Systems complete the sensory experience allowing you to put on your favorite, relaxing music. Clarity Spas are the most delightful on the market and the perfectplace to find your Zen whenever you need it.

* Individual models vary.

Clarity Spas.
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